Be Leery of Low Light Camera Impostors

Over the years Watec has refined and redefined low light gathering camera technology through our innovative and proprietary designs, following the requirements of the customer. This is a very niche market, but one that demands the very best in quality and real low light gathering results as without them, the heard and not seen “bump in the night” turns deadly.

Along the way, there have been many imitation products that claim to achieve our original 0.0003lux rating, but 0.003lux is more the reality in many cases. For these manufacturers, 0.0003lux is simply a marketing attempt, aimed at winning over the customer with slashed pricing and fabricated specifications… And be sure, this comes at a cost.

Many today have not seen true low light cameras in action or had the opportunity to perform a side-by-side comparison, but when doing so the results speak for themselves.

Below is a video taken last year between the, then new, WAT-910HX MBD series Watec camera and a competitors’ camera claiming to have the 0.0003lux rating. As you will see, there is NO comparison. Enjoy and please visit our YouTube channel YouTube/WatecCameras and stay up to date on WAT’s new by following us on FACEBOOK/WatecCameras

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