Medical Imaging Cameras

Medical Imaging CamerasMedical Imaging Camera & Endoscope Camera
We build cameras for endoscopy and medical examinations. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality, most reliable medical imaging cameras/endoscope cameras at reasonable prices starts in our multi-layer board designs, precision engineering and most importantly the hand selection of the highest quality components. Our dedication to quality, performance and reliability ensure our products continue to provide you with flawless viewing capabilities.

Watec remains the proven leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative, miniature CCD cameras for surveillance, law enforcement, image processing, medical imaging, factory automation, astronomy and military applications.

Machine Vision
Watec started its roots in providing Factory Automation and Machine Vision customers with high quality miniature CCD cameras over 25 years ago. Now moving into the digital imaging era, Watec offers a wide range of miniature USB, HD, IP and Camera Link technology options. Our double and triple layered board designs help to reduce noise and other unwanted imaging artifacts, producing some of the highest quality images on the market. Whether scientific and lab use, laser measurement and tracking applications, pharmaceutical product manufacturing or simply imaging reproduction monitoring, Watec offers a full line of reliable, high quality cameras to meet your demands.